Miami is a Joke

Over the years, there have been many instances where either current or former Miami players have gotten in trouble. The brawl on Saturday between Miami and Florida International University is just another instance. 31 players, 13 from Miami and 18 from FIU were suspended. But the ACC is not doing enough to discipline Miami. The game should have been forfeited and players such as safety Brandon Meriweather and Anthony Reddick should be dismissed. Reddick, who was suspended indefinitley for swinging his helmet like a weapon at FIU players, could have killed someone. Merriweather has had legal issues before when he fired shots at someone who shot at a teammate of his.

Larry Coker should be fired for losing control of the program; remember, back in January, Miami and LSU were invovled in a brawl after Miami was trounced in the Peach Bowl. Coker also recruited Willie Williams who does not attend the school anymore after being dismissed; Williams had an extensive criminal record. At the beginning of the season, wide reciever Ryan Moore and tailback Tyrone Moss were among the many suspended for incidents. Moore was suspended and has not played in any games this year after an altercation with a female on campus. Moss was suspended for violating "team policy."

Back in 2005, a 2-year-old recording surfaced on the internet, a rap that was profanity-laced and insults women and minorities. "A group calling itself the 7th Floor Crew - the name reportedly comes from the seventh floor of the Mahoney Residential College, campus housing at Miami - made a recording referencing multiple acts of group sex, derogatory terms for women and minorities and dozens of curse words that lasts approximately 9 minutes. School officials say the song was recorded two years ago, but that seems to offer little solace." (espn.com)

It is known that many football players lived on the 7th floor of that dorm.
Players such as Michael Irvin and Sean Taylor have come out of Miami and had NFL careers filled with run-ins with the law. Taylor was arrested in 2004 for a DUI and again in 2005 for aggravated assault with a firearm. In the 2006 NFL playoffs, he spit in a player's face and was fined. Michael Irvin has had drug problems and was at one point arrested for cocaine possesion along with possesion of other drugs.

It is unclear why Coker has not been fired even after all of the issues he has had with the program. Maybe they should Hire Joe Girardi to whip the players into shape...

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