Beware the Digital Underground

In case you missed it, yesterday blogs and 55 Problems fav Deadspin came under fire in an internal ESPN memo to radio affiliates. The memo, which you can see in part here, explained that per "ESPN editorial policy" the use of "underground" sites (read: blogs) and Deadspin in particular as a source of credible information is strongly discouraged. Anything I could possibly say in response to that ridiculous sentiment has already been said and then some in the Deadspin comments for that post. I encourage you to read all of them (currently 313 of them - my favorites were the Digital Underground references).

Anyway, I decided I could contribute to this situation without posting my "take" on the secret police, synergistic, cross-promoting methods of ESPN, by making these wonderful blog warning messages available to bloggers everywhere. I encourage you to download these (animated versions below) and place them on your own sites. I plan on taking extreme pride in my lack of credibility and I hope you do too. Special thanks to 55 Problems contributor Meg-han for the stellar graphics (perfect for the situation).

Coming To You Live From The "Underground" [Deadspin]

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