One More Prediction for this Weekend

Bias known, I am a diehard Auburn fan. That said, historically, when the underdog, Auburn has performed brilliantly.

With a home night game and coming off an embarrassing loss to Arkansas and national chants of "Over-rated," Auburn will bounce back with a win against a self-infatuated Gators team.

Auburn 24, Florida 17

What do you say Meg-han? $20 on who wins??

Please weigh in.


Meg-han said...

The only good thing to come out of Auburn was Charles Barkley, your next governor of Alabama. But even Sir Charles realizes the sorry state of affairs. "If it wasn't for Arkansas and Mississippi, we'd be dead last in everything," he said this summer. At least the football team's good.

Maybe he should have saved that comment for after Auburn played Arkansas. You're on Burge!

doublenicks said...

I'll take the bet too!

The Second Coming said...

Sorry, doublenicks! This bet is only for those with emotional investement in the game.

I do admire your tick-like zeal to take advantage of the situation though.

doublenicks said...

Tick-like. Are we talking about the FSU QB who freaked out because he had lyme disease? I'm confused.

Sporin said...

How the hell did you wind up an Auburn fan?????