Move Over, Koy Detmer, Your Neck Beard Has Been Bumped

Sometimes you see something that makes you want to get off your couch and take a picture of the TV. OK . . . actually, that's never happened to me before tonight. Or at least I never followed through.

But tonight, I'm watching the Lakers-Jazz game and TNT starts showing the obligatory celeb shots - Dennis Haysbert, Frank Robinson, Denzel Washington, and, of course, Jack Nic - what the heck is that on his neck?!!!

Now, I know Jack is getting up there in age - he'll be 70 in April - but this guy is a superstar, a legend. I'm thinking he should have a guy that tells him "Hey Jack, I think you missed a spot." How does he end up on TV with a something that looks like a ferret hiding between chins three and four?

This is why I'm terrified of getting old. When you're in your 20s and 30s, you're keeping up on this stuff, trimming your nostril hair, plucking hairs out of your ears etc. But then one day, I don't know, you stop caring, or you lose track of time, and next thing you know you look like you've got cotton balls stuffed in your ears. Or you leave a massive portion of beard on your neck and go to a Lakers game.

Who knows though . . . it's Jack Nicholson, maybe this will start a trend.

UPDATE: Here I was, thinking that Nicholson's neck beard was a horrible, horrible, shaving mistake . . . and then 55 Problems contributor, Meg-han, found this. The man is a genius I tell you!


azball said...

Dude - he's had that thing for a few weeks. There's no way he doesn't know it's there. It's just Jack being Jack - he'd mess up his hair even more if he had some...

BoSox3458 said...

haha jacks goin senile

Yukon Ted said...

It looks like a cocoon that you find in your car's door jam.